AnasBooks (Accounting Software)

AnasBooks is a cloud-based accounting management software for your business and anyone can easily manage their invoicing, accounting and finances. All features is connected with each other and is applied UI & UX concept for better user friendly.
BDT 22,000

AnasBooks has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and understand, even if they have little or no accounting experience.
Common Features
 o Voucher Entry
 o Invoice Entry
 o Cash Book
 o Ledger Book
 o Accounting Report
 o Security and Profile Setting

Can set up SMS notification system on demand of your business needs.

ANASBOOKS (Accounting Software) Features:

Voucher Entry
 o Debit/Credit Voucher Entry
 o Voucher search/details
 o Update Voucher
 o Voucher print/download
 o Invoice Entry/Update

Cash Book
 o Cash Book Review
 o Generate Report on date base
 o Cash Book incomes view with details
 o Cash Book expenses view with details

Ledger Book
 o Ledger book review
 o Ledger report by date ways
 o Modern ledger book review
 o Modern ledger book report by date ways
 o Accounts head wage reports

Accounting Reports
 o Accounting Dashboard
 o Daily cash statement report
 o Person accounting statement
 o Asset & Liability reports
 o Creditor Accounts Statement
 o Creditors balance reports
 o Debtor Accounts Statement
 o Debtors balance reports
 o Notice Board
 o Email notification

Secure and Profile Setting
 o Secure Login/Logout
 o Own Profile view/update
 o Update other profile/password by Admin
 o Unauthorized access protection
 o Upload company logo/other photo

Software installation & hosting is totally free for each software, and ensure your data security.

We design and develop software ourselves. So according to the customer's needs, we make the software according to their needs. That's why in the future we can support the customer very easily.

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  • Service Fee : 1000৳/ monthly
  • User: Unlimited
  • Software: Web-Application
  • Free Installation & Hosting
For Demo's User ID & Password
Mobile: +88 01912095925 (whatsapp)
AnasBooks (Accounting Software)