Real Estate Management

Anas Real estate management software is designed to streamline and simplify property management tasks for real estate professionals, property managers, landlords, and property owners. These software solutions typically offer a wide range of features to help manage properties efficiently.
Price: BDT 45,000

Property Listing Management:
Create and manage property listings, including property details, images, and descriptions.
Publish listings on websites and social media platforms.

Property Portfolio Management:
Create project plans and schedules, including task dependencies and milestones.
Manage multiple properties and portfolios from a single dashboard.
View aggregated financial data and performance metrics.

Cost Estimation and Budgeting:
Generate detailed cost estimates for materials, labor, equipment, and overhead.
Track actual costs against budgeted amounts.
Forecast project expenses and cash flow.
Purchasing invoice entry/reports

Subcontractor Management:
Manage subcontractor contracts, payments, and performance.
Streamline communication with subcontractors.

Document Management:
Store and organize project documents, blueprints, contracts, and permits.
Document sharing for collaboration.

Clients Management:
Store and organize client information
Booking property entry
Clients installment payment entry/reports
Clients due reports

HR Management
General Accounting

Software installation & hosting is totally free for each software, and ensure your data security.

We design and develop software ourselves. So according to the customer's needs, we make the software according to their needs. That's why in the future we can support the customer very easily.

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  • Service Fee : 1500৳/ monthly
  • User: Unlimited
  • Software: Web-Application
  • Free Installation & Hosting
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Mobile: +88 01912095925 (whatsapp)
Real Estate Management