HR & Payroll Management

HR (Human Resources) and Payroll management software are essential tools for businesses to efficiently manage their workforce and payroll processes. These software solutions offer a wide range of features to streamline HR and payroll tasks.

Office Part- Adimin
High secure login system
Add New Department
Can review department details
Update/Edit department details
Add New Designation
Can review designation details
Update/Edit designation details
Send email notification
Send SMS notification
Approve for leave
Dismiss leave application
Can overview employee leave
Can search employee status

Employee Part- Adimin
Add Employee
Upload employee image
Review all employee information
Search employee by different ways
Modify/Update employee information
Upload necessary document of employee
Download employee information as PDF format
Change employee password
Search Blood group
Review own profile
Update own profile
Also change own password
Upload image/necessary document for own profile

Payroll Part- Adimin
Add employee salary as payee
Review all employee salary
Modify/Update employee salary information
Search employee salary status
Search office’s all employee salary status
Search salary sheet
Generate employee salary
Download salary sheet as PDF format
Print Employee salary sheet
Generate employee overtime
Print employee overtime payment sheet
Review employee overtime report
Can block employee for login
Can also remove block for employee login

Employee Features
Allow employees to access and update their personal information
Get notice board
Search Blood group
Upload or change own photo
Upload common document (PDF)
Can download profile as PDF format
Get email notification
Can see salary details
Can see salary status
Search previous salary status
Can remark other employee
Apply for leave
Can see current leave application status
Can withdraw current leave application
Can overview own remain leave
Can search total used leave
Can Modify current leave application
Get notification leave application
Can upload necessary document of leave

Software installation & hosting is totally free for each software, and ensure your data security.

We design and develop software ourselves. So according to the customer's needs, we make the software according to their needs. That's why in the future we can support the customer very easily.

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  • User: Unlimited
  • Software: Web-Application
  • Free Installation & Hosting
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HR & Payroll Management